New Closed System  

Using Mineral Oil to minimise drops on glass & No Evaporation

This Micro Ocean is only for demonstration of Ocean Waves and how they react to some shore configurations.  Once designed, the unit is minimally sealed to prevent leakage when making waves that could splash to the tank top and leak out.   The system uses stored wave data for Regular, Rogue, Tsunami, and Random seas.  selection is by simply pressing buttons on the Touch screen.  A special section of the program is available to Admin, and experienced operators to infinitely modify all of the wave characteristics in amplitude and period without exceeding the laws of physics or the physical limitations of the system.

The system is designed to be thin and long and only present a two-dimensional view of 1 to 2  shore designs.

Mount on a wall or support as an island display

NOTE:  This prototype (built for easy construction and transport)  actually should be longer to give time for waves to develop and move at different speeds toward the shore(s).  

Ship n Mineral Oil copy.jpg

Add something interesting in the cave

Perhaps some Pirate Gold .. sometimes a gold nugget can be discovered near the blow-hole .. if you look hard enough  :-)