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First Micro Ocean system.jpg
Reflected wave addition.jpeg
 The First Micro Model Test - 1972
 Model of the MSI Tank - 2010
Model Balasting - Setting the Mass Properties:
CENTER OF GRAVITY and the PITCH MOMENT OF INERTIA       Using a tilt table
Setting the YAW MOMENT OF INERTIA       Using the Bifilar Pendulum Technique
Large Model Testing Facility

In Escondido California, Offshore Technology Corporation/Arctec Offshore/ Offshore Model Basin was a indoor pool with a wave generator at one end and an a wave absorber at the other end.  Housing many offices, a large machine shop & model building shop, powered traveling/towing  truss system over a pool with  1.5 million gallons, 285 feet long, 50 foot wide, 15 foot deep.


Created in 1969, the facility conducted ocean research in coastal modeling, ship design, oil recovery from the ocean surface, towing in a simulated ice field, ocean wave energy conversion, ocean mining, and even provided the large pool for human powered submarine races, and Hollywood movie production.

 All Good Things Come To An End

In 2008, when the United States experienced its recent depression, the model testing facility, largest of it's kind privately owned in the world, was eventually converted to store avocados.

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