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MSI Tsunami Tank

Micro Oceans consulted on the design and fabrication of the "Tsunami Tank" for the Museum of Science and Industry, in Chicago Illinois.    The Tank is operated by the public using a touchscreen to control the size and type of ocean waves  which impact  two different coastal models.

Tsunami original.jpg

          Survival testing of a large oil production jacket         

Real Model Testing

Dynamic testing of model structures  is often conducted at large  facilitates around the world, which duplicate the ocean environment, and examine the response to that environment by scientifically accurate models  which float, or are exposed to ocean waves and current.

Seakeeping ability, and resistance to the forces of waves and current may be evaluated before construction of the full sized structure.

Tuned Spar

There are many factors which effect accurate wave modeling, and accurate model construction.   

Surface tension will become a significant factor when working with very small model scales such as 1/200    Reasonably accurate model testing is usually done in 1/50 or larger scale

However, Micro Oceans often works in 1/200 scale, especially if the purpose is to educate or display a concept in the physics of energy transfer in the ocean environment.

Random Sea - Cliff & Beach

The Random Sea is a more realistic presentation of an ocean's surface.  The character and energy distribution is easily measured and duplicated in model scale and can represent  all of the world's oceans.

Precise, repeating Regular Waves of a fixed amplitude, and period are used to determine where a floating structure will have difficulty and instability.

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